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Choral Labyrinth is an audience immersive choral story set in a garden. The audience is guided through a garden path listening to polyphonic chant about the breath and body in English and Latin in a piece referencing the Covid pandemic and the impact on society.

Choral labyrinth.jpg

"Ariadne" is a philosophical poetic adventure with music. Ariadne travels into an underground hot spring labyrinth during the cold solstice in search of meaning and human connection.

Madeline McNeill - vocals
Olivia Brownlee - guitar
Performed at Lucky You Lounge Dec 2021  


I create stories with music, dance and drama rooted in body experience - exploring the emotional, embodied mind as a guide for understanding our existence as bodies and envisioning a way forward. 

Music Valley is an epic poem set to music. Two friends, Emma from Music Valley and Jay from Builder's Ridge, navigate a pandemic with different worldviews. Original jazz and opera. Featuring four singers, one narrator, marimba, double bass and a dancer. 

Music Valley.jpg

So It Begins 

Opera pandemic project in collaboration with FACTORY TOWN 


Small and spectral deaths ingest me

Internal world of unseen bodies

Travel through from feral lands

and bring me to my animal

Can you tell what's in me?

Why won't they answer?


So we live apart to stay together

but still I miss your flesh


A verse play, Greek theater themed with chant music. Three characters: Nature, Culture and Philosophy discuss climate change.


Polyphonic chant and guided audience performance into a theory of mind that includes the body 



A musical with opera, jazz and choral music relating female experiences to wolves and nature. Using the poetry of Ellen Welcker from her collection The Pink Tablet. 


A play with music about a robot who can feel. Set in a business of artist-intimacy workers with a female mad scientist.

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