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I created a couple diagrams to illustrate how I conceptualize the mind as a sensory-neuro process of body that includes the core muscles.

There are five basic senses that have "air contact" with the outside world. Inside the body are sensory muscles, including the core muscles. Core muscles are affected by inner body events, and they also have their own needs for movement and activity.

The five "outer" senses gather sensory experiences and those experiences create a dialogue with the brain. I don't think of the brain as a place where information is stored, rather it is a place where pathways are created to coordinate activity with other senses. You can see in the diagram that the five "outer" senses are connected to the "inner" muscles. For example, if you suddenly see a bright light, there is an immediate "core reflex" in which the core muscles contract together, a flinch, a core muscle contraction head to pelvis.

It is also possible for inner core muscle events to inspire the other senses to become active. For example, a restlessness of the core muscles means the core muscles need some activity. Their restlessness can stimulate the eyes and brain to visualize something to meet their needs, for example, a friend who is fun and makes you laugh (laughter shakes and moves the core muscles). This begins to suggest the nature of the mind: a process of self-generating sensory experience.

When the outer sensory stimulation is taken away, as in the diagram below, the senses still need to exercise, so they self-generate sensory experience more strongly. Note: if you take the outer sensory experience away, the muscles still experience inner events of the body. Those events are felt.

The idea is that the mind is an exercise of the sensory body, with the core muscles as active contributors to the felt experience. Here is a link to a more detailed explanation of my theory of mind.

Interesting things to think about:

*The mind is a body exercise.

*The brain is not the mind, rather it is like a connecting system that routes sensory activity, so the sensory-neuro system can coordinate together.

*I am not a mind. I am a body. Mind is a sensory exercise of body.

*The senses need to exercise. Their needs can drive processes of mind.

*Sometimes it's better to just interact with the world, than "think" all the time.

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